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Trust the experts against mosquitoes in the Alpes-Maritimes

Nuisitec proposes preventive and curative treatments against all mosquito species.


Tarifs valables pour le département des Alpes-Maritimes dans les communes situés à moins d’une heure de trajet de notre magasin situé au 12 rue de Russie, 06000 Nice. Les tarifs sont susceptibles d’être modifiés sans préavis. Autres zones d’interventions, nous consulter pour tarifs.

3 different services are proposed by


Treatment of breeding sites

The treatment of breeding sites consists in emptying the extra water in flower pots and other water points. Also it is usefull to apply a specific larvicide that will kill the larvae that develop in those strategic places. All different stagnant water points that can not be emptied are treated to reduce the quantity of larvae around the area.

 Treating vegetation

Fogging and thermal fogging deposit a very thin layer of insecticide on plants that will target mosquitoes while preserving other insect species. This treatment is safe for your family and your pets. Have a look at the video to see how we do!


Ecological trapping
Ecological traps attract mosquitoes in a predefined area which far away enough from your exterior living space. With this system you capture and control the population in the treated area. Safe for your family and pets, these traps are very effective when they are provided in sufficient numbers.



Nuisitec offers these three different services through seasonal pre-planned interventions or last minute interventions

ONE SHOT : 3 stars
Treatments of vegetation and breeding sites: Instant reduction of the number of adult mosquitoes over several weeks. Extermination of larvae breeding sites over several weeks. Convenient for seasonal customers or when people receive relatives who react badly to mosquito bites.

Ecological pack :  3 stars
Ecological mosquito and larvae trapping: Long-term reduction of adult mosquitoes and larvae. Must be installed early in the season for a good efficiency.

COMFORT Pack : 3 stars
Treatments of vegetation and breeding sites once per month : Instant reduction over several weeks of number of adult mosquitoes . Extermination of larvae over several weeks

Pack MAXI :3 stars

Treatments of vegetation and breeding sites : Instant reduction over several weeks of number of adult mosquitoes . Extermination of larvae over several weeks.
cological mosquito and larvae trapping: Long-term reduction of adult mosquitoes and larvae

Almost no mosquito bites .
Recommended for heavily infested areas :
• Residence located near a golf course, park or very busy vegetation zones
• very shady areas
• Many water points around the home
Guaranteed intervention for free in case of return of mosquitoes between treatments.



What is dominant mosquito around you?
Aedes albopictus ( Tiger mosquito )
One of the hundred most invasive species in the world. It is native from Southeast Asia and is today present in more than hundred countries and on 5 continents.
It is recognized very easily with its white and black tiger paws (hence its name).
It is eye visible and can cause allergic reactions on some sensitive skin.
It grows in all environments and adapts very well to the urban environment and waters created by man points: saucers of flowerpots, rain water recycling bins, clogged gutters.
It’s life expectancy is around 29 to 32 days.
A female lays up to 70 eggs every three days
It can also transmit the virus ZIKA considered by the World Health Organization as "a public health emergency of international concern"
It’s a very aggressive specie in the morning and at the fallout. However, it can attack the man during the day if the conditions are right.

Culex pipiens (European Mosquito )


European Mosquito
It’s the most common mosquito specie in Europe.
It’s much difficult to see it compared at the mosquito Tiger.
A female can lay up to 200 eggs every 3 days.
This species does not carry the virus ZIKA (to date ).
Attacks at dusk or during the day if the conditions are right for it.

Other species
There are other species in Europe such as Aedes Mariae found by the sea coasts.


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